7 early signs that you are pregnant

Typical Bollywood movies have only one way sign of discovering a pregnancy – and that’s vomiting! While nausea and vomiting are among the first signs of pregnancy, it’s not the same for every woman! Some just feel more tired or sleepy while some like Serena Williams will be perfectly fine and even win tournaments while three months pregnant! Most often women don’t find out they are pregnant till around 6 to 8 weeks along!

It’s always good to find out that you are pregnant as soon as possible so that you can start taking your supplements. Folic acid is one of the supplements that are most important in the first 28 days as it is required for the neural system for the growing baby.  Here are some signs that help you identify a pregnancy early.

Sore and tender breasts

Breasts are one of the most sensitive regions of a woman’s body. Breasts begin to expand in the antenatal phase itself because they are readying for milk production.  During pregnancy breasts become sore and you find it painful to even touch them. Hot compress helps to get some relief. Wet some towels in warm water and place them over your breasts. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes for quick relief.

Tenderness in breasts is also a very common during periods, so it does tend to confuse you. Am I or aren’t I pregnant would be questions on your mind. But if your periods don’t make an appearance and you still have sore or tender breasts then you can be sure that the stock is going to visit you soon!


Passing gas is one of the surest signs that a pregnancy is around the corner. Flatulence begins during the first few weeks and you may continue to experience it for the next nine months.  Yes, it will lead to hilarious situations where you may not be able to control it in the presence of people. But hey! You’re pregnant! People should be bending over backwards to make you comfortable! Walking helps, so take a short walk in the park or garden every day. Walking regularly  also helps in a natural delivery.

Heartburn or Acid Reflux

Though your baby grows in the uterus, it’s the digestive changes that are the most common signal of a pregnancy.  Heartburn or burning sensation in your chest is the acid reflux from your stomach making its way up your neck. Again, heartburn will continue throughout your pregnancy. It usually hits the most after a heavy meal or after you’ve spent time lying down. Avoiding spicy food helps, so stay away from fiery Chinese food or even the local panipuri wala.


Abdominal bloating is a common PMS sign before periods. However, if you are constantly feeling bloated and your periods are refusing to make an appearance, then you should consider getting a pregnancy test. Drinking water and staying hydrated are some ways that help to relieve bloating.

Lower pelvic cramping

Some women also experience lower pelvic cramping during the early stages of pregnancy. Cramps are considered as sure shot sign that you need to buy sanitary pads – but it’s also a sign of pregnancy and you good very well be breaking the good news soon! These moderate to light cramps are caused by the hormonal shifts that occur during early pregnancy. Take a hot water bag and place on your lower abdomen for some much needed relief.

Mood swings and food aversions

Food aversions and mood swings are pretty common not only during the early stages of pregnancy, but also during the entire nine months. Feeling repulsed by food you usually liked or even your morning coffee or tea could be a sign that a pregnancy is in the offing.

Mood swings are pretty common during the early pregnancy stage as hormones changes can affect neurotransmitters. Some women begin to feel overwhelmed and anxious thinking about the impending pregnancy and some others are overjoyed! Listening to good music that elevates your mood and doing some yoga will help you to keep calm and enjoy your pregnancy without becoming anxious.

Missed periods

A missed period is the well…..the most important sign that you are already pregnant! If your periods are fairly regular and you are over two weeks late, it would be wise to get a pregnancy test done.  For women who suffer from PCOS this can be slightly tricky.  But if you are well over a month late, it would surely be a good idea to pay your gynecologist a visit.

Are you already pregnant? What was the first sign you noticed? Share below!