Homeschooling In The Times Of Corona

Homeschooling has always been something I wanted to experiment with. But, it was a really, really scary thought!! Taking my child’s education into my own hands! What if I messed it up? What then? In India, the sad reality is that to be successful you have to be good at studies. Sports, music, extra curricular activities are essential, but academics is beyond doubt the most important thing for Indian parents. 

Taking your child’s education, and therefore your child’s entire future into your own hands requires a lot of conviction – in both yourself and the homeschooling methodology or course you choose to follow. In normal times, parents like myself who may have toyed with the idea of homeschooling – would have just kept toying. 

But, the corona pandemic has forced us all to make hard choices. It has forced us to reevaluate our choices and down paths less taken. In spite of children being enrolled in school and the entire online class jumla, the actual teaching burden is falling on parents. 

This is not to discount the efforts being put in by teachers. But, practically expecting 3 to 6 year olds to sit still in front of a screen and learn is a tall order. It’s just not possible. But, since that is the only way out, we struggle on. 

Tears, tantrums, patchy connections, children shouting, the teacher requesting the children to mute themselves and just listen – and 20 minutes later my son switching off the mobile saying he’s bored – has me convinced that there has to be a better way. 

Homeschooling and online schooling are completely different. Online schooling may have many benefits, but the cons outweigh the pros immensely. Increased screen time, inadequate personal attention, lack of clarity, and zero social contact are just some of the cons that come to mind. 

In my opinion, it is better to homeschool – at least as long as the pandemic continues. 

Even when homeschooling there are so many options to choose from, that parents can get confused. Some innovative education start-ups have come up with good hands on, activity based homeschooling curriculum that parents can follow. 

When choosing a homeschooling program, my first and utmost priority was that it should have the minimal screen time. In this regard the one that I really liked is the Euro Homeschooling Kit. ]

EuroKids International is a well known brand of Preschools in India and the world. It’s curriculum is based on research of Harvard University on early learning and child development. While they have many offerings and kits available, EuroKids sensed that parents like myself would prefer an offline option which would help kids off screens. 

EuroKids Homeschooling Kit offers parents a 100% completely offline, easy, structured and convenient solution to engage their young children where their toddler’s developmental milestones in terms of literacy, numeracy and science skills remain on track.

Some Innovative features of Euro Homeschooling Kit.

  • Designed by education experts.
  • 100% offline solution with ZERO screen time. 
  • Range of activities that will help to enhance a young child’s gross and fine motor skills.
  • Holistic brain development with logical thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, cognitive and creative development skills.
  • Develops a learning attitude in the child.
  • Daily plans and lessons, prepared by experts in the Home Schooling Kit that will help your child keep pace, and ensure he/she is not left behind. 
  • Access to highly trained facilitators who will be just a phone call away to answer any queries they may have while teaching their child.

Order Your Home Schooling Kit here:

The world is changing – and our education system will FINALLY have to change with it! Homeschooling will help your child adapt to the changing world in a better, holistic manner. 

Have you tried homeschooling? Do you follow any particular homeschooling curriculum? Do share your thoughts below!