10 Influential Indian Women who make money blogging

So, have you to been bitten by the blogging bug? Want to know if it’s a full time career option? Here are some Indian women who make a five figure income blogging and vblogging from home! And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Dr Hemapriya of MyLittleMoppet

Popularly known as Doctor Mommy, Dr Hema has built a successful baby food business after her blog took off! Garnering a substantial audience of young moms, who swear by her Sathu Maavu recipe and products, Dr Hema could very well be giving Cerelac a run for their anytime soon. She also has a passion for helping other Indian women who want to earn money from home through writing.

As if looking after her two bubs and running a blog and business wasn’t demanding, Dr Hema is also a philanthropist. Along with her husband, Dr Gopi Nallayan (a paedritic surgeon) she also helps runs their Little Moppet Heart Foundation which provides free surgeries for under privileged children with CHD.

Shruti of ArtsyCrafty Mom

Shruti Bhat was your neighborhood stay at home mom who loved to make art and craft projects with her daughter. Little did she know her and her kiddo’s exploits would become “world famous”. Her website is not only popular with Indian moms, but is also a rage with moms, across the world. You will find many universal DIY projects like wreaths and Christmas décor.

She has also expanded her blog beyond personal projects, showcasing projects by different moms. This provides a platform for other women to earn money through content writing.

Archana of Archana’s Kitchen

Coming from a software background, Archana has been able to crack the space of food blogging and vlogging. Being featured in the Google Ad, encouraging business tools for women was a game changer for her, and she has never looked back!

Shivya Nath, The Shooting Star

I confess, I hadn’t heard about Shivya until I read about her on Yourstory. A trendsetter in travel blogging Shivya is breaking myths that women can’t travel alone. Her passport is testimony to the fact that she can pack her bags for just about any place in the world! She had said in a recent interview that she makes anywhere between Rs 0 to 3,00,000 through her blog.

Shraddha Sharma of Yourstory

Well, if you haven’t been living under a rock these past five years, you would surely have heard of Shraddha Sharma of Yourstory. Back when media outlets considered “startups” unworthy of coverage Shraddha single handedly covered over 2000 startups in a year.

This one person blog has now bloomed into a full fledged startup itself.

Malini Aggarwal of Missmlaini.com

Being an RJ Malini would have been privy to some of the Bollywood gossip, one presumes. Her love for the written word blossomed into a blog on Bollywood gossip, celebrities and lifestyle.

Aarthi Satheesh of Yummy Tummy Aarti

Aarthi prefers to maintain a low key profile, but don’t let her simplicity fool you. Her blog which started as a food diary gets no less than 10 lakh visitors a month! I can only imagine the amount of Google Adsense cheques rolling in. What I love about her blog are the simple, easy to replicate recipes that almost always turn out well!

Amruta Ram from Mumma Diaries

Amruta was amazed to see her toddler learn through the Montessori techniques. She then started blogging and vlogging to document her Montessori journey. She has also stepped into the realm of a momprenuer when she launched her handcrafted Montessori learning toys and aids.

Rashmie of MommyLabs

Another mommy blogger whom I discovered when I was wondering how to homeschool my toddler, in India. Homeschooling is widely practiced abroad, but here in India parents are extremely pressurized to put their kids in Play schools and Pre schools. She is taking traditional education head on with her unschooling methods which I hope to replicate one day.

Archana Baikadi of Hebbar’s Kitchen

Like Aarti, Archana also prefers to remain off screen, in her home in Australia. You’ll have to scourge the internet for a picture of her, but videos of Hebbar’s kitchen with her ringed fingers are a rage on Facebook.  More than her blogs, it was her quick format food videos which made Hebbar’s Kitchen extremely popular. On her website and newly launched app you will find delicious and easy to replicate recipes.