Hello there,

There are so many, many mommy blogs out there that it just felt self fulfilling to start a new one!

So, this isn’t a MomBlog. This is a Mommy Mom Blog. Make sense? No….wait don’t click away…stay with me till the end.

During your pregnancy, everyone around you gushed over you…pampered you and basically you felt on top of the world didn’t you?

Well, then finally the D-Day arrived and the heavens above blessed you with your little one and then…..and then everything changed…everything…

For the Good, obviously…..but for some part it was also terrifying and tiring, no?

Tiring because it just didn’t seem to end…the crying, the peeing, the breastfeeding, the laundry and the sleepless nights…there was no light at the end of the tunnel..not even the dimmest.

You a carefree millennial – now responsible for another life. Nothing mattered anymore…that stupid job could wait…..everything, everything was about the little one who needed you.

But what about you? There I said it…

Why is it taboo to think about the Mom’s well being as well? I believe a healthy happy Mommy ONLY can have a happy healthy baby!

Most mother in laws and some husbands often forget that along with the baby’s health – the mother also needs to be taken care of. A normal delivery leaves a woman’s body exhausted! Come on people she just produced a brand new human being….and if you had a C-Section delivery then recovery takes even more time.

So, all you beautiful mommies, take a moment…eat something…have a glass of water…kickback….because I am here with you…to help YOU…to guide YOU…to hold YOUR hand in this beautiful, fulfilling and somewhat exasperating journey!

And yeah, where I falter – I hope you’ll be there to advise me too! 🙂