Garbh Sanskar Yoga For Healthy Baby

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase in every woman’s life. Both physical and emotional changes take place during the entire pregnancy journey. Garbh Sanskar Yoga is the best way to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy and childbirth.

Yoga helps to reduce the complications during pregnancy and it also increases the chances for a normal delivery. It is always advisable to take the help of an experienced Yoga practitioner when doing Garbh sanskar, because some Yoga stomach exercises are not advisable during pregnancy.

Yoga helps to relax and reduces the complications related to pregnancy.  It is best to practice gentle yoga during all the three trimesters, if your doctor has given the get go. Practicing Grabh sanaskar yoga is the best method to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual connection with the growing baby.

Here I just wanted to mention about OmDaddy, Daniel Eisenman whose video of him calming his baby by chanting “OM” had gone viral. I had long suspected that the couple must have been singing or chanting OM during their pregnancy, and was reaching for some confirmation in this regard. While researching this post In this video they do mention how they used to do “Oming” around the house all the time and even during the birth of the baby.

As Indians, our ancestors used to similar things, especially kings and queens who would have brahmins chanting mantras for the birth of a healthy baby. Westerners are seeing the wisdom in all of our traditions and adopting them, while we are moving further and further away from them.

Coming back to Garbh Sanskar Yoga. There are two types of garbh sanskar yoga should be practiced by the mother to be:
1. Pre birth garbh sanaskar
2. Post birth garbh sanskar

Pre Natal Garbh Sanskar Yoga

Pre natal garbh sanskar yoga is very important during pregnancy, as it is highly beneficial during the pregnancy for the mother as well as growing child.

Prenatal yoga is a great way to establish a bond between the mother and the fetus. It helps the mother to connect with the fetus in the womb. In addition to it, expecting mothers feel relaxed and experience calmness in their mind – this feeling of well being is passed onto the baby as well. The more the baby feels loved and happy in the womb, the better the development.

The main focus in pre natal yoga is on postures and deep breathing practices, which helps the expecting mother for natural delivery. Breathing exercises are all the are helpful during labor.

Post natal Garbh Sanskar Yoga

The post natal yoga is practiced to improve the muscles tone and body structure. It also improves breathing and ensure proper functioning of the digestive system. Post natal yoga is best to keep the mothers fit and healthy and recover from post partum sooner. It also prevents post partum depression to an extent.

Benefits of garbh sanskar yoga

1. The gentle asanas practiced during pregnancy helps to strengthen the body postures and improves physical health. It is a great way to work on trouble areas like spine, neck, knees and shoulders.

2. Garbh sanskar yoga helps to stay fit during pregnancy, thus ensuring that the mother to be can get back to shape post pregnancy more easily.

3. Women practicing yoga during pregnancy get lesser stretch marks as compared to the non-yoga practicing pregnant women. This is because in general exercising during pregnancy helps to retain skin elasticity, thus reducing the stretch marks.

4. Breathing exercises help to control stress and reduces joint pain and back pain. In addition to it, it improves the sleep and controls nausea. Pregnant women sometimes begin to get overwhelmed by the thought of the baby coming and the future. Deep breathing exercises help to keep them calm and positive.

5. The best thing about Garbh Sanskar yoga is, it helps to connect with the unborn baby. She will enjoy every kick and want to communicate with the child more.

6. Practicing yoga during the pregnancy will help the mother during delivery. Yoga provides flexibility to mind and body, this will help the mother to accept and adapt changes during delivery.

Following a good pregnancy diet and fitness and sleeping routine should really help you to sail through your pregnancy. Read good books and enjoy your hobbies before the baby comes!