Indoor Games For Kids (Plus activities)

As winter season sets in, using indoor kid’s activities to keep kids occupied and safe from cold is a good idea. With schools being closed for the holidays, children do get restless. This is a problem every parent faces but fear not, use these activities to keep your kiddo busy and gainfully occupied.

Games for kids for the Holiday Season

Playing Balloon Tennis

Blow the balloons and make your kiddo play with tennis with their hands. Use ping pong rackets to make your kiddo play and enjoy an impromptu match!

indoor activities for kids

Do an Animal Race

Invite some of the neighbour kids over and so an animal race. Usually frog races is the most common, but go wild and do bunny hops or even a caterpillar crawl.

Jungle Camp

This is my personal favourite. Use a bed sheet or some blankets to set up a tent inside your home. Get into the tent with a cosy book or even some games and spend some quality time with your child. Alternatively you can also play an imaginary game such as camping in the jungle, hunting or lighting a campfire at night. Play some animals sounds to create an even more amazing camping experience.

Build a Garage for their car toys

So, I had been saving up these rolls of cardboard from various sources and then decided to do a DIY garage for my son’s toys. It’s a great idea, and you can also try building something similar for your little one’s toys. Will share the final pic once I finish it! 🙂


Bubble Bursting

Easy to set up, but it can get a little bit messy so proceed at your own risk! Use soap solution to blow bubbles and let your child chase and burst them. To make an homemade bubble solution use 1 cup of dishwashing liquid or baby shampoo along with 3 cups of water and 2 spoons of glycerine Be sure to mix well so that no bubbles are formed initially. You can even store this solution and then use as much as you like.

Sock Skating

Winter means, putting on a lot of socks! So why not turn it into a game! Let your kids put on their favourite socks and “skate” around on the floor. Do a spinning around or who can slide the farthest contest. Be sure to remove any furniture and decor items out of the way.

indoor activities for kids

Indoor Bowling

A very easy activity to set up which you can repeating every 3 to 4 days or do. Kids love knocking things down. If you have a bowling set then great, else use empty bottles and a ball to set up a bowling unit along a wall. This activity will require minimum supervision on your part!

Real or FireFree Cooking

Children love to help out. But we as parents often think that it’ll be a bigger mess and it’s better to just finish the job, isn’t it? Try involving your children in preparing snacks which don’t need to involve stove top cooking.  Let them prepare snacks like bhelpuri, peanuts masala, small sandwiches, salads, or decorate a pizza!

Free Play

Montessori says that we should also allow kids to have some free play and let them do whatever they wish. So, turn over a bucket of toys and see what your kids whip up!

indoor activities for kids

What indoor activities for kids have you planned? What to do your kids enjoy playing the most? Share below!