5 ways to get your toddler excited about Republic Day

Republic Day is round the corner and for the most of us it just means an extended weekend to plan a getaway. While it’s perfectly acceptable to go that route, there are also some amazing ways in which you can celebrate the day so that you can instill some pride in your kiddo.

Republic Day and Independence Day used to be celebrated with the same enthusiasm as festivals with the excitement at both school and home.  Skits and songs national and patriotic themes were prepared at least a month in advance. Making hand painted flags and posters, and patching together costumes for playing army jawans, Gandhiji or Subas Chandra Boseji were small pleasures that made the day very memorable.

The usual fan fare at school, followed by sweets and many movies on television all added to the allure of Independence Day. At that time, we still had grandparents who had been a part of the freedom struggle or aunties who had heard of one of Gandhiji’s speeches as young girls. It all made the day come alive for me.

The values our country stands for are slowly falling away. Nationalism and patriotism are no longer part of our lives. Instead of theatres and public events voluntarily respecting the national symbols and anthems, the supreme court has to dictate that national anthem be played in theaters.

Being from an army family I find it all the more disheartening. When my nephew says that none of his friends are coming to school for Independence Day flag hoisting, and he would also rather not go – I feel like I too have failed to instill any sense of national pride in him. So, this Independence Day I have a plan all stored out to make him feel excited about this day. Here’s what I’m planning to do.

Greet him in the morning with a flag and badge. When he goes for his bath, I will lay out a dress in tricolours of our national flag. You can also do this or even a simple white dress or even a fancy dress would do.

Make a delicious tricolour breakfast. Use sauce and green chutney to make Tricolor sandwiches and idlis. Keep a list of patriotic songs like “Nanha munha raahi hu” or “Meri desh ki dharti” and play them to set the mood.

Try getting him to listen to stories about national leaders. Amar Chitra Khata has some great comics which might be more appealing to them. If you’re up for it, take your kiddos to a nearby museum or war memorial.

Attend the Independence Day flag hoisting event being held by our society. This is vital as then only they will realize the importance of the day. When they will see so many adults gathered around to attend the flag hoisting, standing still during the national anthem, it will make them realize that this is something of importance.

Do some of these fun DIY activities at home. Your kiddo is sure to love them!

Use Montessori printables to play a fun game of identifying Indian vehicles, currency and popular monuments.

Independence Day activities for kidsHave fun doing hand painting and making something creative like, an Indian flag or a peacock. Grab your water colours and get hands-on (in the literal sense). Use saffron and green paints to make a beautiful tricolor picture. You can also try getting your kiddo to make a beautiful hand peacock.

You can also have some fun while teaching him about the famous spices of India. Take some spices printables and make the spice cards. Ravage your kitchen for the spices and make a fun and practical identification game.Independence Day activities for kids

Use your kiddo’s toys to teach him a lesson – in Indian geography. Have him learn about animals and which states of India they are commonly found in.

Make flags using ice cream sticks and glue. Paint them with saffron, white and green to make flags which your kiddos will enjoy waving.

Preschooler activities for Independence Day

What your plans this Independence Day weekend? How do you plan to celebrate this Independence Day with your kids? Share below!

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