Top Ten Chu Chu Tv Rhymes On YouTube

In just a span of 24 months, Chu Chu TV has become a hit among kids and mothers alike. It is a harassed mommy’s favorite baby sitter and “Khana khilane ka sahara”! Your toddler is refusing to eat food or calm down? Bring on Chu Chu TV!

There is definitely some magic to the peppy nursery rhymes of Chu Chu TV that as soon as I play them on YouTube, my bawling baby stops crying and immediately becomes engrossed in what is on screen! There are many other kids channels on YouTube, but ChuChuTV is one of the best.

As a new parent, it is both a cause for relief as well as worry. Relief, you know why! Anything that gets them off your back is freaking awesome, isn’t it? Think again!

Researchers today are concerned that too much screen time or playing games online may lead to long-term changes in their developing brain’s circuitry which resemble the effects of substance dependence. Long story short – the beginning of addiction!

Even average levels of screen time every day are now being strongly associated with increase in risk of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease as found in a Harvard study. Beside this the increasing general attention problems and ADHD symptoms in children also has a close co relation with exposure to TV time when young.

As a parent it is a catch 22 situation. The instant reward of seeing your toddler gobble up his vegetable puree offsets any nagging thoughts of the possible future harms. The only option remains is to limit screen time as much as possible. I had also succumbed to using YouTube videos as a feeding aid, but am slowly weaning Baby C off that.

I have slowly started moving the Tab further and further away. Slowly tilting the screen away from him is also a good strategy. The goal is to allow him to enjoy the music and sounds of the nursery rhymes without exposing him to the visuals.

So all the best doing that! Till then enjoy these top ten Chu Chu Tv Rhymes

Johny Johny Yes Papa.

This video has over 1 Billion views! Phewwww!!!!! Kiddos, surely know how to milk their entertainment, when mommy is trying to feed!

The Finger Family
A cute video to help the kids learn about their fingers. ChuChu TV has now made numerous variations of this song. They have used animals, cupcakes, lollypops and many more fun animations to teach kids about their fingers.

Surprise Eggs
ChuChu TV has really used Surprise Eggs very well to teach kids about numbers, colours, animals and other objects. It is a very interactive video. As a parent you can take heart thinking that at least your child is learning something.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
An old time favorite has been jazzed by for our kiddos! Instead of putting them to sleep, this is going to be one impromptu pajama party!

Phonics Song
A soft and slow song trying to make the little ones learn the “phonics”. Informative and engaging at the same time.

Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall
AS a kid, I always used to feel bad singing to the fall of Humpty Dumpty. Am glad Chu Chu TV fixed it for my son! Learning from your mistakes is the theme added to give a spin to Humpty Dumpty falling down. In the end, kids are advised not to climb the wall!

Rain, Rain Go Away
This nursery rhyme is again a good one. Always loved to sing it whenever, it started raining outside. The visuals are really appealing as they show how all the animals and insects gets affected by the rains.

Wheels On The Bus
Ooooooohhhh!!! A class trip favorite! Can’t bear to hear it now that I have heard it so many, many times on ChuChu TV. Baby C loves this video. ChuChu TV has really made many cute variations of this song. A must watch all of them!

Rhyme Zone Party Mix
I think this one, they made as a favor to us parents. After planning the perfect birthday party, if you forgot to arrange the music, this video and it’s awesome music is a life saver! This remix video is so peppy and refreshing that you just feel like breaking into a dance! Kids just love this video, after all it’s the closest thing to a disc they are going to get!!!

ChuChuTV is a good app to use. As with anything, moderation is key. With screen time all the more. So, if you at your wits end and your little one is just not co operating then don’t fret and use the videos to get a breather! However, try not to make it a habit nor a baby sitting tool. The ChuChu TV app is available for free on Google Play. Some videos in the app are free and some are paid. They have ads running in between the free videos which can be bummer sometimes. To avoid the ads, you can put your phone in flight or areoplane mode and use.