5 signs you need an air purifier

Air purifiers are the newest entrant in home appliances which are slowly making their way into Indian homes. Indians have a unique tradition of opening their windows every day in the morning to let in fresh air and sunlight. This is one of the prime reasons that we don’t see many air purifiers in India.

With couples now living in flats and leaving hurriedly for work, locking up the house – leaving windows open is just not feasible! The security concerns apart, working couples in urban cities don’t get time to eat a healthy breakfast, let alone remembering to open and close windows! Fully air conditioned offices too are contributing to the ill health of our young urban population as they are always breathing in stale air!

This is where air purifiers come in handy. We can’t change how the workplace works, but we can surely change things at home. But, do you really need an air purifier? Good question!

5 signs you need an air purifier

Constant sneezing and wheezing

Seasonal allergies aside if you are constantly sneezing indoors, it’s time to look at your air quality and do something about it. Furniture off gassing, dust and household cleaning products all contribute to air pollutants that could be floating around your house, without you being aware of it.  A good air purifier will help you filter out most if not all airborne allergens and help you breathe easier!

VOCs abound

Your house has a peculiar smell. You don’t notice it, but come back from a vacation and you surely will! It’s the smell from varnishes and adhesives and many other seemingly harmless household products which may be giving off VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Only a few air purifiers in India are able to filer out VOCs completely, so choose wisely.

You smell a rat…or is it just stale air!

And if you do notice that the air you are breathing in smells bad, then voila – you have poor quality indoor air. Solution? Open your windows everyday! If you’re just plain lazy to do that then just get an air purifier already!

Dust mites have made your house their home

Remember how Monica used to harp on cleaning the house and Ross used to harp on about his air filter? Well! Guess what the Geller siblings got one thing right after all! If your house has a  surplus of dust building up on the windows, under your bed and behind your cupboards, then it’s time to “chip in” for an air purifier! Ask you roomie, if they aren’t like Joey and Chandler, they are surely going to agree!

You snore so much that your spouse is considering a separate bedroom!

Have you recently become a snorer? Seasonal pollen allergies do tend to cause snoring, but if it persists, then it’s time for you to consider the quality of air you are breathing.

Fresh air and exercise are the keys to good health. Don’t compromise on yours.