Garbh Sanskar music for pregnancy

Garbh sanskar is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic practice to educate the mind of the unborn baby. Yoga, meditation, chanting mantras  and listening to music are part of pre natal Garbha Sanskar.

Music is a great way to shape the baby inside the womb. Listening to Garbha sanskar music during pregnancy is a great way to relax and calm the mother-to-be, helping her relax.

The unborn child inside the mother’s womb absorbs from his mother’s surroundings. The physical, spiritual, emotional health of the mother is essential for the growth and development of a healthy baby. Various factors like food, environment and other activities directly affect the unborn baby.

Here I just wanted to mention about OmDaddy, Daniel Eisenman whose video of him calming his baby by chanting “OM” had gone viral. I had long suspected that the couple must have been singing or chanting OM during their pregnancy, and was reaching for some confirmation in this regard. While researching this post In this video they do mention how they used to do “Oming” around the house all the time (his words, not mine! :)) and even during the birth of the baby.

As Indians, our ancestors used to do similar things, especially kings and queens who would have brahmins chanting mantras for the birth of a healthy baby. Westerners are seeing the wisdom in all of our traditions and adopting them, while we are moving further and further away from them.

Ayurveda prescribes some daily healthy practice to the pregnant women like yoga, music, mantras, reading and body care. All this will influence the fetus inside the mother’s womb. The sound of musical instruments, various ragas give positive vibrations to the pregnant women and the fetus. It is very helpful for the development of body, mind, and soul of the unborn baby.

Below are some Garbh Sanskar music and CDs that be played during pregnancy

1. Hey Shankara 

Jog raga is used to compose the shloka. The meaning of this shloka is to seek protection from Lord Shiva for the mother to be. Apart from this, those who are planning to start a family or are childless they also can recite the shlokas to bless with a healthy baby and with safe deliveries.

“Hey Shankara smarahara pramadhadhi natha

Mannodha saanmbho sasisooda hara thrisoolin

Sambho sugaprasavakruth bhavame dhayaloo

Shri mathrubhootha Shiva paalayamaam namosthe”


2. Himavath Uttare

Rageshri raga is used to compose Himavath Uttare shloka. The raga is believed to replicate the emotions of pregnant mother. The raga is very soothing and the shloka is recited to get blessings for the pregnant women and child.

“Himavath uttare parsve

Suradha naama yakshini

Thasyath smarana maathrerene

Vaathsalyam garbham bhavath”

A youtube video of the shokla

3. Mathru boodeshwara devo

Shri raga is used to compose Mathru boodeshwara devo shloka. The word shri means holy and auspicious. The meaning of this shloka is to get blessings from the goddess , seeking their blessings for a mother to be and for a healthy and safe delivery.

“Mathru boodeshwara devo

Bakthanaam ishta thayaka

Sukanthi kunthala naavaha

Sukha Prasava Mrichchathuhuhu ”

A video below to listen to the shloka.

4. Raksha Raksha

Mishra Ahir Bhairo raga is used to compose Raksha Raksha shloka. This shloka along with the raga is usually recited in the early morning. It seeks the blessing to protect the mother to be. The relaxing melody is a great way to enhance feeling and bring peace of mind and soul.

“Raksha Raksha Mahadeva,

Baktha anugraha Karaka,

Pakshi vahana Govinda,

Sapathyam raksha Garbhineem”

5.Tu hi jivan

Tu hi jivan is a beautiful piece composed by Mahua Mukherjee. This relaxing song reflects the emotions of mother to be towards her fetus in the womb as she is eagerly waiting for the little one’s arrival.

I listed to Balaji Tambe’s Garbh Sanskar music during my pregnancy. I didn’t have much heartburn during my pregnancy and it was very smooth. However, I feel I could have listed to it more, everyday, which is something I didn’t do.