Woman’s Day Special – A working woman’s best friends aren’t diamonds! (And it’s not what you think!)

As a marketing gal, I truly feel that ads are a true reflection of how we are changing as a society! From the cringe worthy sexist ads of Axe Deos to the more refreshing Ariel’s Share the load campaign – it is really a welcome change! If Bournvita – a product that positioned itself as making kids smarter is now making ads that preach, it’s not all about the marks – times are really changing!

Being a self employed and privileged woman I sometimes feel Woman’s Day has just become a “marketing jhumla” to sell more products and offers! Growing up in a traditional marwaari family we hadn’t even heard of International Women’s Day until cable TV came and spoiled all of us ‘sansaari girls’ into ‘feminists’!

Now, a new mother with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a woman – the only way I want to ‘celebrate’ woman’s day – is to be left the freaking alone!!!! Yes, that would be the greatest gift of all!  One day where I’m not working – nor at home nor in the office – and just being myself – a person – a woman! Sometimes I fantasize what it would be like to retiring from my household duties!

The thing is even with all the changes that the Indian society has undergone – the kitchen and child rearing is still considered primarily a woman’s domain. Men are slowly waking up to smell the coffee prepared by their own hands!

Personally I feel this has to do with the hangover of the special treatment and pampering all the momma’s boys received growing up. Now married, they expect their wives to wait on them hand and foot! This Mixer Grinder ad has a colorful take on it!

To be fair, the momma’s boys are growing up and am sure the next generation of women will not be expected to labor in the kitchen alone when guests come calling! Most men these days are doing their fair share of the work load and are supporting their women to excel in their chosen fields as well.

Women, my age are taking everything in their stride – careers, motherhood and relationships! And it’s really admirable! But would we really be able to do all this, without our silent support system? No, I am not talking about the kind of moral support provided by our darling husbands!

I am talking about that wrinkled little lady with her crumpled sari who comes twice a day to clean your house and wash your utensils! Can you really imagine what your life would be like without her? Juggling work, kids and household cleaning and laundry and cooking can take its toll on the best of us! Doing the dishes after a long day at the office – is just too much work for anybody – man or woman! As a work from home mom even if my maid doesn’t come for a day I stress out, so imagine the situation of an office going woman!

Urban Indian women are far better off than their rural counterparts. These rural women are the real breadwinners of their families. I have heard so many, many stories of women, whose husbands are good for nothing drunkards – and they are the sole bread winners and bread bakers or makers (have it your way) of their households.

Indian women have it better than Western women as well – if you look at it dispassionately. Paid cleaning service is truly a luxury which most Westerners can’t afford – even when both partners are working. Even daycare is so expensive that it works out cheaper for the woman to stay home. This is also one of the major reasons for the trend of mommy blogging that has overtaken America!

So ladies, take advantage of the plethora of special offers that comes with Woman’s Day! I knew there was a silver lining to all the consumerism! Go take that spa day and mani pedi you’ve been putting off! And yeah – don’t forget to give your maid off as well!

The housework? What about it? Let’s just say you’re retired – for the day! Ditto to your boss!:)