New Year Resolutions 2018

We all make them don’t we! We all break them too! And I too have done my fair share of making and breaking New Year Resolutions.

Each year I look back and feel how could I have been such a fool? I look back at my silly decisions and careless mistakes and feel that I have now matured so that I will not make these kind of mistakes again. And sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t.

But inevitably each year I do feel a growth – a substantial growth in the kind of person I was, and the kind of person I became.

But this last year has been nothing short of phenomenal!! I have always been a voracious reader and have had a flair for writing – but I never really took the plunge into blogging. This year however, I have taken the leap of faith into this chasm!

And what a year it has been! For my personal growth as well as my blog’s! Personally I have become more mellowed, matured and patient. Motherhood too has made me a more caring and compassionate individual.

On the professional front it has always been an uphill battle, more like a “battle for my career!” With the hubby in the military I had almost given up the hope that I will find a legitimate career. However, the internet has worked it magic and viola! I’m extremely happy to say that I have found so much work, that I have now begun to say no! LOL!!!

Coming to the New Year Resolutions. I think I will be able to manage the following:

  1. Write a longform blogpost for my blog every 15 days.
  2. Become more aggressive with my blog marketing.
  3. Stop being dependent financially on the hubby by mid-June.
  4. Reduce my binge shopping. Especially stop myself from buying toys I think my son needs, and rather buy the toys he shows an interest in!(which is basically only cars!! FML!!!)
  5. Reduce my binge watching TV Series!
  6. Stop being careless with money. And get an estimate of my monthly household income – something which my DH has been asking me to since we got married! (It’ll be 5 years this Jan)
  7. And lastly – Become Fitter. Not lose weight “technically”, but become fitter. This has hit me the hardest because playing with my son, running with him and dancing with him for more than 15 minutes leaves me breathless! Something which I just cannot stand!

There is one more! But I don’t really know if I will be able to master my fear and anxiety of driving, so taking it slow on this front. My son loves cars, and wants to sit and play in the car – and I want to be able to take him for drives and stuff! He has already begun identifying it as “Papa’s car” which is just not acceptable to the feminist in me!

So, there! I said it all! My deepest fears and loftiest aspirations! How has your year been? What resolutions do you have for the New Year?