Garbh Sanskar Pregnancy Tips

The meaning of Garbh Sanskar is to teach right things to the unborn baby in the womb. Garbh Sanskar is an amazing way to teach good things to the baby in the womb during pregnancy. You may be surprised but it is actually a proven fact.

Garbh Sanskar has traditionally been performed by expecting mothers in most cultures in some form or the other. Several parents consider this to be an interesting and well as worthy practice.

In India education and traditional values are very important, parenting starts from the time when the fetus is confirmed inside the womb. This is the reason elders at home advice pregnant ladies to have positive thoughts and feeling during the pregnancy journey.

When we read the epic Mahabharata the warrior named Abhimanyu is said to learn all the war skills when he was in the womb of Subhadra, his mother. He was not able to decode the trap because by the time his father Arjuna reached that part, Subhadra feel asleep.

Garbha Sanskar is important during the development of the child. There are many scientifically proven studies now that prove that the baby has the ability to listen and to respond to the outer stimulus. How the mother feels affects the baby. If the mother is happy and has positive thoughts, she will release hormones that further the development of the baby.

It may sound strange but your bonding with your unborn baby starts from the time you test positive, the unborn baby starts to listen to you and feel as per your feeling inside the womb. Listening to good music, visualizing good things, meditation and yoga are advised as part of Garbh Sanskar.

Below are some Garbh Sankar pregnancy tips

1. Book Reading -Start with reading good pregnancy books that generate positive thoughts and feeling avoid books with horror and suspense.

2. Positive Thinking-It is very important to think positive during the entire pregnancy, try to create a happy atmosphere around you. Avoid negative and manipulative people. Always focus on positive thoughts in your mind, think about good memories, beautiful pictures, landscape or anything that makes you happy.

3. Talk to your baby- You can talk to your child, talk about the surroundings, nature, anything that you observe in daily life. This communication will create a beautiful bond between you and your unborn baby.

4.Listen to Music – The best practice during pregnancy is to listen to soft music or Garbh Sanskar music. It will also soothe you and the fetus will also feel good. The music will calm you and relax your nerves.

5. Practice Garbh Sanskar Yoga– Prenatal Yoga is another great way to relax and communicate with your baby, always take help from experts and do yoga under their supervision.

6. Meditation – Meditation is the best practice to develop positive thinking, you will feel good from inside. In addition to it, you can also recite Garbh Sanskar mantras and shlokas.

In order to get the best out of Garbh sanskar maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. Avoid smoking and drinking, reduce the intake of spicy and outside food. Avoid watching horror shows and movies. All this will affect the physical and emotional health of the fetus.

Use this time to relax because once motherhood starts – it a roller coaster ride!