Garbh Sanskar Books for pregnancy

The literal meaning of garbh sanskar is to teach the good and right things to the unborn baby in the womb during the pregnancy journey. Garbh sanskar is performed by expecting mothers, it is scientifically proven  fact. Garbh sanskar is a good practice to keep yourself and unborn baby in good emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state.

The baby inside the mother’s womb has the ability to listen and responds to the outer prompt. Garbh sanskar is a great way to bond with an unborn baby right from the time you conceive. You can build up your baby by listening to soothing music, thinking positive, meditating, having  balanced and healthy diet, practicing prenatal yoga etc.

Some of the Garbh Sanskar Books for pregnancy in Hindi, Gujrati and English.

1. Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar by Balaji Tambe

Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar is a perfect guide for those who are looking forward to start a family. Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe has beautifully provides complete information that an individual wants to know about conception, pregnancy, delivery, nurturing the baby. In addition to it, the book contains several herb mixes, music, yoga and mantras that are helpful for the new mother and the baby.This book consists of  month by month plan that takes cares of the proper nourishment of unborn baby and mother’s health. It also prescribes a list of healthy herbal tonics for mothers to be. The author, Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe is the founder of Atmasantulana Village.

2. Ayurvediya Garbhsanskar by Abhay Kulkarni

It is a great book that helps the couple to conceive and helps to take care of  baby and mother to be. It practices ancient Indian practice for healthy and safe pregnancy. It provides additional practices to built moral values, positive thinking. It consists of mantras for well being of baby and mother to be etc. This book is very helpful for couples who are planning to start a family.The author Abhay Kulkarni has shared several wonderful Garbh sanskar practices for an emotionally, physically, spiritually healthy child.

3. Garbhsanskar by Suresh-Alka Prajapati

This  is a great book that gives a positive outlook. It is an informative book for all the couples who are trying to conceive. It provides complete information regarding conception, pregnancy, baby care and maternity care. The book provides insight of various Ayurvedic practices that takes care of entire well being of mother and baby’s emotional physical and spiritual health. This book follows various practices to take care & teach good values to the baby inside the womb.

Also do read other good books for pregnancy by Indian authors like Nutan Pandit which are very informative.