Bajra Porridge

Bajra is grain full of nutrients. It is very rich in iron which is important to build up the hemoglobin for your child.  You can add different flavors to Bajra like dates and jaggrey for sweetness.

Before you start the Bajra Porridge it is important to keep all the ingredients to plan to use ready as Bajra gets lumpy and thickens quickly.


  • 1/4 cup Bajra flour
  • 2 dates (khajur) deseeded
  • 1 tsp ghee

Instructions to make Bajra Porridge:

Be sure to sterilize all the utensils needed for making the puree by boiling them in hot water.

Start with soaking the dates in 2 tbsp of warm water for 10 minutes.  Later blend it without draining out the water. If you are not using dates, skip this part.

Heat the ghee in a non stick pan and mix in the Bajra flour.  Cook it for about 2 to 3 minutes and stir occasionally.

Not add the dates puree and ¾ cup of water.  Mix it well and cook on low flame for about a minute. If not using dates, stir in some jaggery for sweetness.  Serve it to the baby lukewarm.

If you don’t want to add jaggery also, you can add some fruit puree for sweetness.

Adequate breastmilk can be mixed into it until the desired consistency is achieved.  It also adds extra creaminess making it easier for the baby to swallow.

Please Note:

Breastmilk is best for baby. Please consult your pediatrician before introducing new foods into your child’s diet.

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