Top Indian Baby Nicknames 2018

So, a new mom huh! And a new baby! Every baby deserves a special nickname or a pet name, which you must be spending so many hours deciding! Well look no further for here are some of the Top Indian Baby Nicknames. So go ahead and find the best Indian pet name your cute baby boy or baby girl!

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Top 66 Indian Baby Nicknames

  1. Chikoo
  2. Cherry
  3. Pikoo
  4. Piya
  5. Piyali
  6. Sonu
  7. Monu
  8. Minty
  9. Romi
  10. Tukku
  11. Tukur
  12. Titu
  13. Golu
  14. Molu
  15. Gabdu
  16. Gubli
  17. Guddu
  18. Guddi
  19. Gudiya
  20. GunGun
  21. Gaddu
  22. Babu
  23. Kesu
  24. Shibbu
  25. Vishu
  26. Silky
  27. Softy
  28. Pillu
  29. Gilli
  30. Goplu
  31. Billu
  32. Tweetee
  33. Tweetu
  34. Mini
  35. Nikki
  36. Gopu
  37. Toasty
  38. Pihu
  39. Piya
  40. Piku
  41. Pinki
  42. Trishu
  43. Vicky
  44. Duggu
  45. Shomu
  46. Rosy
  47. Tony
  48. Sunny
  49. Bablu
  50. Babli
  51. Babbu
  52. Ricky
  53. Ashu
  54. Chintu
  55. Shona
  56. Chikki
  57. Lichi
  58. Kaddu
  59. Shibu
  60. Siya
  61. Pappu
  62. Laddu
  63. Chota packet
  64. Pacchu
  65. Limca
  66. Ludo

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81 Cute Indian Baby Nicknames

  1. Apple
  2. Ash
  3. Bambi
  4. Bambino
  5. Boo-boo-bear
  6. Bubba Bear
  7. Bunny
  8. Bubu
  9. Bujji
  10. Buttercup
  11. Cadbury
  12. Cherry
  13. Coco
  14. Cookie
  15. Cupcake
  16. Ducky
  17. Diva
  18. Dolly
  19. Edi
  20. Esh
  21. Eve
  22. Gia
  23. Ginger
  24. Google
  25. Kitty
  26. Happy
  27. Honey
  28. Ira
  29. Ish
  30. Ivy
  31. Jessi
  32. Jina
  33. Junu
  34. Joy
  35. Kimi
  36. Lara
  37. Leia
  38. Lilly
  39. Lyla
  40. Maya
  41. Mini
  42. Misty
  43. Muffin
  44. Myra
  45. Oreo
  46. Panda
  47. Pihu
  48. Poodles
  49. Pooh
  50. Peach
  51. Pepper
  52. Pinky
  53. Pumpkin
  54. Puri
  55. Piya
  56. Ray
  57. Ria
  58. Rose
  59. Rosy
  60. Ruby
  61. Sara
  62. Sasha
  63. Shay
  64. Sheela
  65. Sheen
  66. Sia
  67. Simi
  68. Sona
  69. Teddy
  70. Thumbelina
  71. Tiger
  72. Toodle-bear
  73. Tweety
  74. Wiggly
  75. Tina
  76. Yara
  77. Zara
  78. Zena
  79. Ziya
  80. Zuzu

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Top Indian Baby Nicknames – Unique

  1. Babushka
  2. Babykins
  3. Bitsy
  4. Bitsy Boo
  5. Bubba Diddle
  6. Bubbles
  7. Bubby-doo
  8. Chickie
  9. Cutiekins
  10. Cutie-patootie
  11. Cutie-pie
  12. Diddle-doo
  13. Diddles
  14. Doodlekins
  15. Doodles
  16. Dottie
  17. Dynamo
  18. Giggles
  19. Half-pint
  20. Hobbit
  21. Huggy-buggy
  22. Etsy
  23. Jazzy
  24. Jocko
  25. Kiddo
  26. Kiki
  27. Laddie
  28. Lassie
  29. Muddles
  30. Munchkin
  31. Munchy
  32. Nanners
  33. Ninja
  34. Popper
  35. Poppet
  36. Pudding
  37. Punking
  38. Punkin-wunkin
  39. Punky
  40. Rollie Pollie
  41. Scooby
  42. Scooby-Doo
  43. Scrappy
  44. Scrappy-doo
  45. Smiley
  46. Smoochie
  47. Sprinkles
  48. Sweetiekins
  49. Sweetums
  50. Tabby
  51. Teddykins
  52. Tilli
  53. Tinks
  54. Tinker-doodle
  55. Toodles
  56. Tootsie
  57. Tootsie-pop
  58. Tootsie-wootsie
  59. Turbo
  60. Twinkie
  61. Twinkles
  62. Tykes
  63. Waddles

Top Indian Baby Nicknames – Palindromic

  1. Aba
  2. Ada
  3. Ailia
  4. Aja
  5. Alla
  6. Alula
  7. Anina
  8. Anna
  9. Ara
  10. Ava
  11. Aya
  12. Azza
  13. Bob
  14. Elle
  15. Eme
  16. Eve
  17. Isi
  18. Ivi
  19. Izzi
  20. Lil
  21. Nan
  22. Nayan
  23. Nen
  24. Neven
  25. Nirin
  26. Nolon
  27. Noon
  28. Otto
  29. Pip
  30. Viv

Top Indian Baby Nicknames – Fruity

  1. Almond
  2. Apple
  3. Baby Bean
  4. Beanie
  5. Berrie
  6. Blueberry
  7. Buttercup
  8. Cherry
  9. Cinnamon
  10. Coco
  11. Cupcake
  12. Ginger
  13. Gummybear
  14. Hazel
  15. Honey
  16. Honeybunch
  17. Jellybean
  18. Maple
  19. Marshmallow
  20. Muffin
  21. Olive
  22. Oreo
  23. Peaches
  24. Peachy-pie
  25. Peanut
  26. Pepper
  27. Peppermint
  28. Pinkie-pie
  29. Puddin’
  30. Puddin-pie
  31. Puff (with a combination like Sugar Puff or Coco Puff and the like)
  32. Pumpkin
  33. Rosemary
  34. Salsa
  35. Snickerdoodle
  36. Sprouts
  37. Sugar
  38. Sugarplum
  39. Sweetpea
  40. Thyme

Movie or Book based Indian Baby Nicknames

  1. Alice
  2. Anjali
  3. Ishaan
  4. Lucky
  5. Googly
  6. Daisy
  7. Emma
  8. Harry (Potter)
  9. Jane
  10. Maya
  11. Poe
  12. Renee
  13. Vida
  14. Zane

This one is my favorite for obvious reasons because my own little one is called…Chikoo 🙂
No, no don’t decide yet…scroll down so many more nicknames waiting to be picked!

Hehehe! I have a thing for fruits no? Well this was my choice in case I had a girl! Well, someday if the god bless me again! 😛

Another one of my favorites as my little sister had this nickname. Yes I was jealous, but I love her so much. Even too this day we call her that Kitty…kitto..tito….all variations come out at family meets.

Pikoo, Piku
A nice one. Had a cousin named Pikoo, didn’t like him very much! But don’t let my grudges get in the way! Choose on!

Piya and Riya are beautiful girls name!

Short and sweet, go for Shibu.

Go for this nickname, if it appeals to you

Sweet and short beautiful nickname.

Again a familiar one. My Mami’s daughter, going to be married this May! Beautiful girl, beautiful name!

Quite a wanderlust name! All you travel freaks are sure to love this one!



You wouldn’t believe it but one of my cousin;s chacha was named Titu! Awesome uncle!

Yes, yes Golu. Had a couple of cousins named Golu. Liked one, hated the other! Well that’s me. But do mother’s think that if they name their little one Golu he will in fact become Golu? 🙂 A mom can only wish!

Molu and Moli are very cute girls nicknames!

Knew someone named Gaddu. Sounds similar!


Gubli, Guddu, Guddi, Gudiya
All baby nicknames reflecting the doll that your little one is!

An age old favorite! I think every baby is called babu affectionately.

A nice modern nickname for your to be brat!

A refreshing nickname if there ever was one! 😛

A good nickname. In fact I know someone who’s actual name is Sunny. So, there you go two in one!

Kesu and Keshu..go for it if you like them.

Yes one too made my short list, but in the end I chose another!

A nice nickname especially for our Vishnu Bhakts.

Silky, Softy
Both are good nicknames for your cute little baby girl!



Well! Kareena sure turned out to be a babe! Awesome nickname for Bollywood fans!

it was quite a popular nickname. Maybe time to give it a spin again?

Well who can forget Karishma Kapoor when mentioning her younger sister.


All Billu fans unite :)! Your little one would be happy to share this famous nickname from our childhood comic days! Do they even print them anymore?

Tweetee Tweetu
My neighbor’s baby was named Tweetu…he was my baby’s first friend so this nickname also holds a special place in my heart.

We did tease a lot of children who were named Gopu! Times have changed, in case you like this nickname do go for it!

Galti se nashte main kha maat lena! LOL!!!! A cute nickname!


Pihu pihu kya hain….this was an old hindi song if I remember correctly! Or was it ilu ilu…

Short and sweet nickname for your little darling!

Hrithik Roshan made this one famous didn’t he!

The Bengali touch! I love this nickname!

She won’t have trouble remembering any nursery rhymes! Will surely become the teacher’s pet! Rosy lips, dimple chins..

Your child will thank you later for this nickname! who doesn’t love Tony Stark!

An old one, more popular among Tier II cities.

Babli Bablee Bubbly
Any way you write it, this nickname gives the picture of a cute, pig tailed girl bouncing about! Full of energy!

A good old fashioned nickname!

My friend’s baby. Love to call him Shinu singh….a fun nickname

Again, a nice Bengali touch! Loving nickname.

Another nice nickname for your little girl. Just don’t let her have too many when she grows up! 😛

Ohhooo…fruits again…I am bound to love it

Hahahaha….let me stop laughing for a while!!! My mamaji’s nickname was pappu and so was my hubbys! Rahul Gandhi has made this the MOST popular nickname on the list! It is still popular in small cities though!

An affectionate nickname. I used to call my baby bacchu singh for quite sometime before someone told me that in UP a lot of famous “gundas” have this name! LOL!!!

For your little angel – the perfect nickname
Yes a nice nickname, though I was never fond of it. It always made my mouth water for some or the other sweet dish..

Well, all this talk of ladoos, has made me hungry and I am off to gorge on something delicious, while you carry on with your decision making. Be sure to leave a comment, letting us know which one worked for you.

Before zeroing on one, take a moment to consider that the nickname is not embarrassing for your baby. Though he looks tiny right now, the years will fly and it will not be long before his friends begin to tease him.

For example, I had a cousin who was nicknamed “Funti”. Now on the face of it, it’s a nice pet name. But my cousin was teased so much for it that now he says he will never pass on such an affliction to his child!

While, this reaction could be considered extreme, be sure that the name that you are so fondly choosing for your little one does not end up causing trouble for him down the line!

Going for a too unique nickname or one that is difficult to pronounce can also have its pitfalls like people being hesitant to use them – for fear of pronouncing it wrong and offending you!

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Oh! Don’t worry so much!  It all works out in the end, doesn’t it?!? Have I missed out a good nickname? Please help me out by mentioning it. We will surely add it to the list of top Indian baby nicknames.