A Mom’s Review Of The Best and Safest Baby Cribs and Baby Cots in India

New parent? Looking to find the best and safest baby crib in India for your little one! This post on the Best Baby Cribs will help you in making an informed and confident choice.

A crib’s primary purpose is to provide a safe enclosure for your baby to sleep in. Babies have begun to roll as soon as 6 to 8 weeks old – so one really cannot take the chance of leaving them alone on the bed. And once they begin to sit and crawl – then a crib comes very handy. Here’s a complete list of the best cribs in India.

Top Baby Cribs In India

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Top Baby Pack And Play Cribs In India (Travel Cots)

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Top Baby Cradles (Indian Style Jhoolas)

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Baby Cribs and Cradles – Buying Guide

Why You Need A baby crib

Being a new parent, you want your baby is safe and secure. Before I got my crib, I would constantly keep checking, just to make sure my baby hadn’t rolled off. It was just too stressing.

  • Babies nap throughout the day, and can get up anytime. A baby crib provides a safe environment for them to sleep in. And peace of mind for parents.
  • Separate bedding set with mosquito nets can cost you anywhere between Rs 500 to 1000. Though highly effective, infants outgrow these very, very soon. In fact you will not be able to use them once your baby turns 10 -12 weeks. Isn’t it better to invest that amount towards a baby crib, which you can use up to 3 to 4 years?
  • Mosquitoes and insects can be a big problem – and babies need to be protected all the time. Cribs have their own mosquito net which can be placed securely and removed easily when required.
  • Our generation is moving towards the nuclear family setup. And with lesser helping hands, a mother does need to leave her baby in a safe place – to open the door, cook food, take a bath or even load the dirty laundry. And yes, sometimes even a mother needs a time out. So, you can place your baby safely in the crib and take a moment for yourself.
  • If you or your partner trash about in your sleep, then also a crib is useful to keep the baby from inadvertently getting hurt. Having him in a crib just next to your side – helped the both of us be more comfortable.
  • The crib helped my baby to stand up and walk earlier. He would try to stand up holding the railing at the age of 8 months itself. He would also love to prance about the crib, trying out his skill of walking.

Things to consider before you buy a crib for baby

Before you think of finalizing which baby crib you will buy, consider the following points

  • Budget
  • Lifestyle
  • Space in your bedroom

#1. Budget

Cribs and cot beds can be costly. With add ons, like fitted sheets, crib bumper and skirts and expensive crib toys – it can add up.

A good quality safe baby crib will cost you anything between Rs 12,000 to Rs 20,000. Some good low range budget cribs are also available in the range of Rs 7,000 to 10,000. So, choose wisely.

If you are unable to locate a crib that suits your requirement, there is no harm is going for a second hand crib. If you choose to go this way – be sure to spend some of your saved money on a new mattress!

#2. Lifestyle

If you are an avid traveler, who likes travelling with your baby, a travel cot maybe a wiser investment than a normal everyday cot! A play and pack can really help you save and it will serve nearly the same purpose.

#3. Space in Bedroom

Space constraints are also a problem because of the small flats we now live in. Does your bedroom have enough space to comfortably accommodate your baby’s crib and all the other baby stuff? You can also consider a foldable crib, so that it can be packed away when you need that area.#

Things To Look For In A Baby Crib

  • Body of the Baby Crib: Body of the crib should ideally be made from good quality wood. Pinewood is the most popular material for baby cribs. You can also go for light metal bodied cribs. Both are sturdy, completely safe and will carry weight up to 20 to 30 kgs. You can use it up till 5 years of age. Get Baby Crib Bumpers if you’re worried about baby hitting head on the crib.
  • Cradle Attachment: Cradle attachments are very useful. You can use them for 6 to 7 months when the baby like to rock to sleep. After babies learn to sit up – then it’s not safe to keep them in a cradle. So, remove the attachment – and use your cot normally. This cradle attachment can come useful to store baby toys and other clothes. 
  • Ability to change levels: The crib should grow with your baby. Most wooden cots have different levels. You can reduce the level at which mattress is placed. This will prevent the baby from climbing out of the crib. 
  • Mosquito Net Attachment: This is a very important feature. Always try to go for a crib with a mosquito net attachment. It is a rod with a metal circle on top. You can drape the mosquito net over it and tuck it in. This allows your baby breathing room and peaceful sleep. Some metal cots don’t have this feature. In that case you can buy a separate baby crib mosquito net like this.
  • Wheels and Wheel Lockers:  If crib doesn’t have wheels it’s fine. It is a good to have feature, as you can move the crib from room to room as per convenience. If the crib does have wheels, make sure they have wheel lockers in place. 

When Should I Buy The Baby Crib

While pregnant only I had decided that I would be buying a crib. Since the one I wanted was not available online at that time, I had to wait a lot and then buy from an offline store.

Sometimes, your parents may also insist you wait, till the baby comes before finally buying one – for a variety of religious reasons. If you are still in pregnancy phase, this will be a good time to weigh all your options and finalize the baby crib. Having a crib from the start, allows the baby to get used to it.

Th best time to get a crib is in your 9th month of pregnancy. Just order your baby crib online on Amazon and enjoy your pregnancy.

Should I get a cradle or a crib?

A cradle or ‘palana’ or “jhoola” as Indians like to call it are very good for putting babies to sleep. But, it outlives its utility after the baby turns 6 months. The prices also range between Rs 1500 to 6500. You can use cot cum cribs to save money.

Wooden cots with cradle attachment will serve both purpose. These kinds of baby cribs online easily. The cradle swing attachment can easily be removed and stored away after 6 months. You can use that cradle attachment to store toys and baby stuff as well.

Why I chose the crib I use for my baby

Though I would have loved to opt for an all natural material crib and an organic mattress, options in India are limited! After doing a lot of research and considering our budget as well, we had to make a choice somewhere in between.

The crib is good, one the best I found at the time. A few things could have been better. Like wheel lockers, which were missing and I never really understood the point of the opening headboard! They have come up with a newer version of this same model. In the new model, all the wheels have brakes and the net rod is also adjustable.

best and safest crib in india

The crib we currently use is the Happy Dino Lilly Multifunctional Cot. This baby crib is not available on Amazon anymore. The crib was priced at Rs 14,999 and the mattress was costing Rs 3000. We got a 15% discount which was Rs 2700.

So, in the end it cost us Rs 15,000.

  • The crib is multi functional – a cot, cradle and it even had a rack to store baby stuff- all in one!
  • The cradle or bassinet could be attached and detached as required.
  • It came with a mosquito net
  • The rack is good to store stuff, like nappies and pajamas, for easy access. It is also detachable – so in case you have a space constraint – remove it and use elsewhere.
  • Removable side guardrail option which can be used to combine with parents’ bed.
  • Adjustable height, as baby grows.
  • New Zealand pine wood and lacquer free for the bed body – safe and green.