Me time for Mommies

The moment I found out that I’m pregnant I knew that my life was going to change forever. Starting from food habits to my sleeping pattern everything has undergone a huge change. You could rob the house while I slept blissfully, but now I wake up if my little one moves a muscle.

The moment you hold that cutie pie in your arms everything revolves around the baby. Your likes, hobbies and friends become history and take a back seat. All conversations and thoughts revolve around the baby – his sleeping time, feeding schedule, and diaper changes.

If you are able to have food or take a bath without your children hounding you – it’s a luxury isn’t it? Every new mother is so busy running around completing house hold chores that there is no time to relax – let alone recreate.  Why do we as mommies consider it’s selfish to dedicate some time for ourselves? We begin to feel guilty or feel like a bad mom if we think about ”me time”, don’t we?

With a new baby in my hands, the thought of talking to my friends on the phone, watching my favorite TV series, or going out for a spa never crossed my mind. All I wanted was to make my baby sleep on time so that I can have a breather and some peace and quiet. But, as always I had piles and piles of laundry waiting to be done and meals to be cooked. “Me time” remained a distant dream for me that looked increasingly non achievable.


Every time I thought of making a plan to catch up with my girl gang, it always got postponed and finally canceled because none of us had time to spare.

Free time is luxury that mothers, especially working mothers, don’t have in their lives. It’s always about being there for our families – children, husband and in laws. We work so hard because we don’t want society to think of us as bad moms or negligent wives.

Looking through the pictures on my mobile the other day, I realized that I don’t even have a single solo picture of myself after having a baby. From being a social media and selfie addict I was now content taking pictures of my kiddo. Post baby I now prefer shopping online, instead of going out – as moms you very well know why! Even if I plan to buy something for myself I end up buying stuff for my son.

I remember the day when my cousin came to visit me all the way from Bangalore, and I had planned to spend some time with her relishing about the good golden days we spent together in college.

But, I ended up talking only about my baby – his activities and boring her with videos and pictures of my baby. I also began to get anxious being away from my toddler so I must have called my husband a million times to make sure things were on track. I am sure my cousin is never going to visit me again!!

That’s when I realized that every mother should allocate a little time to pamper herself. This “me time” will help you to rejuvenate and refresh yourself. You will get less frustrated with your routine life and begin to enjoy the time spent with your family more.


Now that your child has begun preschool, you can carve some time out for yourself every day. Some ways you can enjoy “me time”.

  • Choose a hobby that you enjoyed before motherhood. It could be anything like dancing, music, yoga, reading or painting. Spend at least an hour a week enjoying your hobbies.
  • Go out alone, like a quick trip to nearby coffee shop or to the mall with friends. Avoid using this time to run errands for grocery shopping – this time is only for you.
  • Prepare your favorite food and treat yourself. If you don’t like cooking, order in and enjoy time off from the kitchen doing what you enjoy!
  • Don’t get bogged down by looking at someone’s “perfect life” on social media sites. Take this time and use it as “me time” even if it means just taking a walk by yourself or with your husband.

mommy Not taking time out for yourself can begin to take a toll on your health as well, leaving you depressed and frustrated. So, at the end of the day love yourself and learn to prioritize yourself as well.

Do you make it a point to have some “me time” every week? How do you enjoy spending this time? Share below!