How to Make Paneer at Home Recipe (Easy Guide)

Homemade paneer or cheena as it is commonly called can easily be made at home. It’s no rocket science, though the basis is quite sciency.( if that’s a word!)

Milk can curdle or go sour by itself, if left outside for long. To curdle milk on your own, you need an acidic or curdling agent like – vinegar or lemon juice. Vinegar is a taste we, Indian are used to only in “desi chinese” so, better to stick to lemon juice.

And it was I did, till my brother got married! Lost? Well, my sister in law, (a whiz in the kitchen) told me that if you have run out of lemons and still need paneer, fear not! For curd does the job as well! Well, duh! “Curd” and “curdling” made the connection as I was typing this! 😛

Anyways, paneer can be easily prepared at home. Follow these steps, and you will never buy store paneer again!

how to make paneer at home

Steps to Make Paneer at Home

  1. Take a heavy bottom pan and bring the milk to boil.
  2. When the milk boils add 2 teaspoons of curd or half lemon juice. The milk will start to curdle.
  3. Make sure the milk curdles well and then switch off the flame.
  4. Place a colander over a vessel and layer it will muslin cloth. Pour the curdled milk. Rinse the paneer in running water to stop the cooking process and to remove the smell of lemon.
  5. Squeeze out the excess water.
  6. Hang it for about 20 30 minutes.
  7. Place the muslin cloth in a plate and keep heavy object over the plate.
  8. The paneer will set in 1-2 hour.