Top Fancy Dress Competition Ideas For Kids

Fancy dress competition is quite a popular activity in schools abroad. Western culture even have a very famous day called Halloween in which kids and adults play dress up. Now, this trend is slowing picking up in India.

Personally I feel this is a very good development. It brings out the creativity in kids and mommies(they are the ones making the dresses after all 😛 )

Mama! Kal school main fancy dress competition hain! Though these words are spoken with such a ringing joy by your adorable little brat, you could tense up a bit if you don;t have one ready!

Frantic thoughts running through your head….from where to get a fancy dress this late..will any shop be open…should I make one? Slow down sister, you’ve come to the right place.

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Top 15 Fancy Dress Competition Ideas For Kids

  1. ArmyMan
  2. PanditJi
  3. Postman
  4. Chef
  5. Doctor
  6. Harry Potter
  7. Gandhi
  8. Chota bheem
  9. Charlie Chaplin
  10. Indian villager
  11. AAP ka Neta
  12. Kishan Kanahiya
  13. Naval Officer
  14. Flower
  15. Lawyer
  16. Ram
  17. Farmer
  18. Abdul Kalam
  19. Pilot/Air Force Officer
  20. Pirate

Army Combats!

Going by this image it seems to be quite a popular choice isn’t it? Well, for some it would be quite easy to make. Just grab your hubby’s old combats and get on the sewing machine.

For others, trouble a neighbor or just read on…there are other choices ahead!

Fancy Dress India

I guess we needn’t worry about our borders being safe. With this cute little army around, who would dare!


If you look carefully in the above picture, you will spot Panditji coming in fashionably late! Anyone who has sat in a Puja knows, pandits never come on time! Well this one too is in character, wouldn’t you say?

This is an easy enough DIY fancy dress for kids. Grab your fathers-in-law dhoti and your kiddies vest. Run to the Puja Ghar and drape some moli around his neck diagonally and viola! You have an in house Panditji.


Who receives “Dak” these days? 🙂 Not many I suppose since the postmen are all off to play at fancy dress competitions! 😛

Fancy Dress

Chef aka Bawarchi

Hungry anyone? They are so cute I could eat them up! LOL! No, but seriously if you are hard pressed for a fancy dress, this could be an easy one to make. Just whip out your old kitchen apron….it would have the stains for authenticity! Grab some chart paper and fashion a chefs hat and poof!!!

The Doctor Is In

Quite a straightforward dress. Easy DIY for those who have a lab coat lying around. If not make a quick run to your local medical mandi or chauraha…. And don’t forget to buy that stethoscope while you are out.

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Chota Bheem

He has become quite popular these days, no?  Chota Bheem is the famous dhoti-clad cartoon who fights off bad guys to protect his friends and the village of Dholakpur.

This costume may require a little bit of work.  It can be created with an orange colored cloth and matching wristbands. To finish off just add a black thread along with a locket. Or you could buy one in the local market. In case you have time place an order for one online – but be sure that they will deliver on time. Murphy’s Law!!!

Harry Potter

For all of us, who grew up with Harry, he holds a special place in our hearts! Till today I remember waiting impatiently for the next book to come out. I think in India, though you will be hard pressed to find  Harry Potter costumes in the local market. However, if you have time you can find Harry Potter costumes online at

Oh yes, they are expensive! So if you are a DIYer like me, get out your sewing machine, grab those leftover  pieces of black cloths and start sewing!


A big one – Father of the Nation! Though heavy in stature, not so difficult to make. Yes, you will need your father-in-laws dhoti and any old round specs lying around. Adding a lathi would be a good touch. You will have to visit the market for it though.

Charlie Chaplin

Made famous by our very own Raj Kapoor in Mera Naam Joker. This is an easy DIY costume – only if you are lucky enough to have a suit boot lying around! Difficult to make at home – you will have to make a full purchase for this one.


Indian Traditional Dress – Rajasthani, Bihu, Kashmiri

The rustic charm! Let your kids fancy dress reflect on your traditions or bear a regional significance. If you have one in size lying around else, you have no cause to worry. Local markets usually have very good and reasonable traditional dresses which you can get at a good rate. The catch is you should know where to shop! For others Online Zindabad!

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AAP ka Neta

Not pertaining to any party per se, playing fancy dress as a politician is fun! With our current crop of politicians doing slightly better than the previous generations – it’s time to up the ante and start preparing the fresh crop, isn’t it?

Kishan Kanahiya

Jai Shree Krishna. All of us know about Lord Krishna whose charm made all of his devotees fall in love with him! As a kid too Lord Krishna was very mischievous and naughty, causing a lot of trouble for Yashoda maaiya. Every boy to this day in India is called called his mom’s kishan kaniya – so why not let him dress up as one.

Personally I have found lots of Krishna fancy dress online but have found them to be slightly expensive.  It is convenient, i agree. However, if you have time do check your local stores for a better deal.
Naval Officer

Another one for the services. This is a fancy dress which you would have to buy online. You will need a set that includes  all three pieces that is the white pant, shirt and the navy cap, along with the fake medals and embellishments.


A good fancy dress option for your little girl. It could be a fun DIY project only if you have the time. Else the only option would be to order it online.


Vakilji! Didn’t you just love all the courtroom drama in the old movies? Me, not so much. However I do love some amazing English TV series based on lawyers. Sadly in them they only wear suits….no awesome black gowns like in India!

A lawyers fancy dress should be easy to find in the local market, and even easier to find online! The ball is in your court!!!! (see what I did there 😛 )

Ram or Lakshman

Since the dress is more or less, your little one could pass off as one or the other! The local Ramleela troupe would have many to spare, but it isn’t a practical option. This Ram costume on Firstcry is a good option  as the entire set includes a dhoti, a waist belt made of cloth, a long scarf, two pairs of Rudraksh, a Rudraksh neck piece, Lord Ram wig, Rudraksh earrings, a bow and arrow


Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan! The old slogan of our Prime MInister Lal Bahadur Shastri still evokes patriotism is me! This is a good fancy dress costume which you could DIY at home.

Drape a dhoti on your little one, a vest and tie a cloth or Assamese gamjha on his forehead to complete the look. If you have any gardening tools lying around you could have him hold one for authenticity.

However, in case your little one is small, please be careful as boys that age get very mischievous ideas and someone could get hurt.

Abdul Kalam

The People’s President! The country could have benefited from  a second term from him. If you have your kiddos old sherwani lying around you could modify it to mimic Abdul Kalam’s style of dressing.  An old Kurta Pajama should also work well. Style up his hair with lots of powder or cornflour with a middle parting to finish off the look!

Pilot/Air Force Officer

Every boys dream! And now some of our little girls too – to fly high! This could be an awesome fancy dress if your child is enthu about airplanes and flying. Both a pilot and Air Force Officer are similar. You should be able to pick one up easily online.


Pirates the word immediately brings to mind Captain Hook and now my very favorite Captain Flint of Black Sails. Don’t know what I am talking about – you just have to binge watch Black Sails to find out!

Anyways, coming back to point…..yes pirate. You can make an eye patch from a small piece of black cloth or even black chart paper. A pirate hat and a waistcoat is all you need to create this awesome fancy dress.

Since writing about pirates has invoked nostalgia in me I am sharing a couple of pics of the birthday party which were taken when I threw my nephew when he turned 12. I will be doing a whole post on it later..but just to give you a glimpse.

Pirate theme birthday party and costume
Pirate theme birthday party and costume

Somebody put this hat on a cutie and aren’t I glad I got to share it today!

Pirate theme for baby

This is me, sis and the hubby fooling around. In case you look carefully, you can see the backdrop which I designed as a  ship – with old white bedsheets!

So don’t let me keep you, for I could reminisce all day long! Didn’t you have a fancy dress costume to design for your kid? Were any of the above fancy dress ideas helpful?

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Were you able to choose one – or are they all so cute!!! Some of these options are good for birthday party ideas as well! Hehehe! Just decide – pick one and stick with it else you’ll keep looking and I know from personal experience that the more the choices, the more confused I get!

Do let me know, which one your little one finally wore to school! If it was a unique one, we could add it too the list to help future mommies, what say?