Basic baby porridge with egg

Most people I talk to about feeding egg to a baby comes in a negative replies.  It is believed that feeding eggs before a year can cause egg allergy but a recent study shows that feeding a baby egg early can decrease the risk of developing an egg allergy.

Eggs can be introduced in your baby’s diet by 8 months of age.  It is a great source of iron containing protein.  Make sure you cook the egg well before feeding it to the baby to kill of the bacteria.   


  • 1 small bowl of rice porridge
  • 1 Egg
  • Salt to taste (Use salt only if your child is above 1 years of age.)
  • Oregano or spice mix

 How to make Egg Porridge:

Start with whisking the egg until it is completely mixed.

Put the rice porridge in a small pan and boil it.  Add the whisked egg into the pan and stir it.  Cook on low heat.  Add a pinch of salt if desired. Add spices if using.

Cook till the egg seems cooked and then remove from heat.  Let it cool serve it to the baby.