16 Brain Games for kids (3 to 5 years Old)

I remember as growing up we did not have so many brains games to play with. We usually played with dolls and kitchen sets or blocks at the maximum. Today’s parents are more aware and they know that the level of competition their child will face as he/she grows up.  They want to help their child in mental maturity at an early age. I see parents skimming through the toy section for puzzles, blocks, colouring books and end up getting confused which one to opt for.

The trick though is to pick the right game! Fret not, we’ve got you covered! This list 51 games for kids is sure to come handy the next time you’re scratching your brains to find the perfect game for your child.

10 Mind games for kids aged 3 years and above

It is a known fact that a 90% of the child’s brain develops by the age of five therefore it’s crucial time for providing them the best learning games to develop their mental ability. This is the time when they need to polish their verbal and motor skills.

#1. Building blocks

Building blocks are probably the oldest and one of the most creative game for kids between 2 to 3 years of age.  They come in different shapes, sized and vibrant colours and help your child to be imaginative and create whatever they want.  It helps them recognize colours and shapes as well.

brain games for kids

#2. Puzzles

Puzzles are another fun way to help your child exercise it’s brain.  It helps in hand eye coordination and logical reasoning.  It teaches the child to be patient and helps enhance their confidence once they are done completing the puzzle.  It’s addictive, once they make one they want more.  

Puzzles are like Khichdi, all the flavours and nutrients in one pot. However, this is one game you need to start ASAP because an older child may ignore it for more exuberant ones.

brain games for kids

#3. Alphabet cards

Alphabet cards are very important at the growing age. It helps the child to recognize the alphabets and words related to it.  For example, if you form a word like dog with the help of the cards and then place a picture of a dog to show them what is looks like.  You can include the sound and what the dog eats or where it sleeps etc.  

#4. Role play

We don’t need to teach a child how to do role plays, it comes naturally to them.  They imitate what they see and then pretend.  It is a lot of fun watching kids play the role play game.  You can join in the game and be what they want you to be and teach them right actions and morals with the help of the game.  It helps them learn the norms of the society as well as moral values you want them to learn.

#4. Finding objects

Making your child find things that are in their surroundings and the things they use helps them recognize the objects they like.  It also helps them to reuse the word once they have learnt what it looks like and what it is called.  You can show them a picture of a doll in the room or a fan on the ceiling and ask them to point towards it or say find it.  It’s a fun game as it makes the child move from one place to another to locate things.  

#5. Solving mazes

Get a book of mazes for the child and let them figure out how to reach the end.  It helps the child to use their utmost mental ability plus how to follow directions.  It also helps them improve their motor, visual scanning skills and problem solving abilities.

Games are a good way to develop parent and child bonding.  There are many board games available which you can buy and play with your kids.  Kids love spending time with their parents and they learn the most from them.  Games like snakes and ladder, Ludo, chess are a great way to teach patients to the child.  They also learn to share and wait for their turn in the game and above all they learn to lose.

#6. Dance and follow

Music is a great way to get your child on its feet.  Sing along with the child and try to use nursery rhymes with body parts in it.  Let the child touch the body parts.  It’s a great way for the child to learn parts of body and listening skills.

#7. Hide and Seek

Don’t we all love the game hide and seek.  It’s the oldest outdoor game ever invented.  It helps the child to exercise the brain by looking for the places you might be hiding by using its listening skills.

#8. Physical activity (Sports)

Here are a few games you can play with your child to keep him fit and have fun at the same time.

Mini Basketball
Tug of War

#9. Reading story books

Reading a story book is a great way to unwind and relax with your child at bedtime.  It’s a great way to develop language, communication skills and vocabulary for the kid.  The child uses its imagination to create the story you are reading for him/her and enjoy it with you.

10 Brain development games for 5 year olds

As the child grows up and is ready for preschool, it needs games that teach him/her analytical skills and social skills.  There are many games you can try like:

#10. Finding the sock monkey

This game is easily available at the toy stores.  It’s a fun game and makes your child run around in the room to find the monkey.  You hide the monkey in a room and ask the child to look for it.  The child then draws cards that have simple questions that can help locate the monkey like is the monkey on the fridge, or is it behind the bookcase or is it near a pink coloured thing in my bedroom.

When the child draws, the card saying go look he needs to run around the house and look for the toy. The child learns the act of questioning and answering and searching skills that comes in handy in school.  

#12. I Spy Ready to Read

This game is a five in one game.  The child needs to read the riddle written on the card and find the object.  It helps the child to develop visual skills and letter recognition. Since the game is based on rhymes it is useful for the child to hear the syllables in the words and sentences.

#13. Angry birds knock off

Children between 4 to 6 years of age love this online game.  You can even download it on your phone or laptop for the child to play but there is a card game available for the same game which in my opinion is much better.  The child is required to build structures based on cards and then knock them out with a sling shot. The game teaches team work and to follow directions by copying the structure from the card.  

Mind games for children between 5 to 7 years of age

Children start their school by the age of 4 and they have many opportunities to learn many skills and concepts.  They learn the art of exploring which is a great way to enhance their mental ability and brain development.  They learn skills like vocabulary, language skills, learn to tell time, questioning the things happening around them, learning numbers and concepts related to numbers, reading and writing alphabets and small words, an enhanced concentration and taking challenges on the tasks given to them.  

To help a child improve its concentration and learning skill games like UNO and memory games should be introduced to them.  Games in which they need to find the odd one out or find the missing object from two pictures is a good way to make them sit and work on their concentration skills.

Another game that helps them concentrate is sequencing.  You can ask them to put words in alphabetical order to teach them to put things in sequence makes them exercise their brains. Statue of Freeze is a game liked by kids of all ages.  It makes them sit or stand in one position and see how long they can retain it.  It helps the child to be patient learn to relax.

#14. Storytelling word by word

This is a great game for kids to play with their parents and other siblings.  You start with one word or a sentence and let the child put in another word or a sentence after it.  The story can be built around the words put in by you and the child.  

#15. Memorizing a poem

Ask your child to memorize a poem and then recite it turn by turn.  It helps the child to take up the challenge and learn the poem perfectly to beat you in the game.

#16. Sound chain

Sound chain is a fun and challenging game.  Start the game with different sounds like clapping and snapping fingers.  The players keep adding sounds to the sequence and try to repeat it in the same pattern.  It helps the child concentrate and memorize the pattern.

These are just a few mind games that you can try with the child to help them boost their memory and other skills.  There are millions of games available online that you can choose from and let your child play at a certain time.  Make sure that your child does not spend too much time on the computer, you don’t want them addicted to the screen.

There are other things you need to keep in mind if you want a mentally fit child.  Make sure your child is eating healthy food with lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals.  Include a lot of green vegetables and fruits in your child’s daily diet.

Adequate amount of rest is needed for your child to develop it mental ability.  Ensure timely naps for the child to get used to it.